gullbuy music review

May 31, 2005

The Adverts

title:: Cast of Thousands - The Ultimate Edition
label:: The Devils Own Jukebox

In addition to a brand new remastering under the direction of bandleader TV Smith, this edition of Cast of Thousands includes the crucial 7inch version of Television's Over and the excellent non-LP single Back From The Dead - and then there is an additional CD!

The bonus CD has 18 Peel Sessions: four complete sessions totalling 18 songs - everything The Adverts recorded for the radio.

Brazilian Beats 6

various artists
label:: Mr. Bongo

OK - I will get it right out of the way and tell you that I think you should buy this CD.

Unlike other recent Brazilian theme compilations (Rio Baile Funk, Não Wave, The Sexual Life of The Savages), Brazilian Beats 6 does not require investing yourself into a particular time period or genre: the songs on this disc will appeal to fans of the French Hotel Costes series as well as to collectors of Chico Science influenced Swamp Beat or original Tropicalia.

Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 10

various artists
label:: Compost Records

Compost Records have been busy for the past 10 years releasing the Future Sounds Of Jazz compilation series since 1995, reaching Volume 10 this year.

I was a little wary checking out a compilation in its 10th volume but ended up really enjoying this cd.

Les Georges Leningrad

title:: Supa Doopa
label:: Troubleman Unlimited

Les Georges Leningrad have given us the first single from Sur Le Traces de Black Eskimo and moved from Alien8 Recordings to the Troubleman Unlimited label.

The disc sounds like it was made by progeny of Mars, Scissor Girls and Caroliner. It takes the best elements of those extreme bands and turns them into an art damaged rock band ready for the post-Electroclash set.

Truby Trio

title:: Retreated
label:: Compost Records

Truby Trio (Roland Appel, Christian Prommer, and Rainer Truby) get the remix treatment.

The compilation comes with one disc with the un-mixed remixes and a bonus disc with the mixes mixed together by Rainer Truby (along with some bonus cuts not included on the first disc).