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Ta Det Lugnt


Subliminal Sounds


Dungen CD coverDungen is a band from Sweden. The band is basically Gustav Ejstes with guests. Gustav writes all the music, sings, plays guitar, bass, flute, various embellishing instruments, and produced the CD.

In the year that this CD has been out it has achieved legendary status for sounding different than other music - combining elements of music from the past with a sound that is not contrived at all. Lyrics are sung in Swedish. A starting point for comparison might be the early works of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.

The sound has lead guitar right up front, recalling the work of Steve Wynn in Dream Syndicate, Frank Marino in Mahogany Rush, or John Perry in The Only Ones.

Gjort bort sig starts with guitar that reminds me of the joyous lead guitar melodies on the Rain Parade LP Emergency Third Rail Power trip.

Du E För Fin För Mig is an instrumental with Hendrix styled guitar, just like Mahogany Rush used to use on 70s albums such as Strange Universe.

Ta det Lugnt has harmony vocals that could be right off Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young on their Deja Vu LP. The song is a delight through all of its 7:40 length.

Lejonet & kulan is an instrumental that ends off sounding like a mixture of Foreplay/Long Time by Boston and church music. It segues directly into Bortglömd, which sounds a bit like Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam

Glömd konst kommer stundom ånyo till heders is a short instrumental that sounds just like the beginning of Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

There is lots of jamming on this CD. Each instrument has all the space it desires to explore and run off a bit on its own. But unlike some jam bands that seem to have a hard time reeling in overzealous explorers, Dungen is driven by one man's vision, so all the exploration feels centered and never without aim.

This disc was an unexpected joy for me. I knew that many people had written favorable things about it, but you can't trust most things you read, particularly if the review is from a source that is also trying to sell the record. Also, I had read a review which brought up the band Phish, which colored my perception of Ta Det Lugnt before I even heard it. Check out this disc - I think you will like it!

---Carl, March 1, 2005