gullbuy music review

March 1, 2005

Isabelle Antena

title:: En Cavale
label:: LTM

Isabelle Antena started musically in the early '80s with her involvement in the three-piece band Antena. En Cavale is her first solo album, originally released in 1986.

En Cavale is the sound of Isabelle broadening her reach and listening to other influences. She is steeped in Brazilian Jazz and Funky songs, but does disco styled tunes admirably as well.


title:: Ta Det Lugnt
label:: Subliminal Sounds

Dungen is a band from Sweden. The band is basically Gustav Ejstes with guests. Gustav writes all the music, sings, plays guitar, bass, flute, various embellishing instruments, and produced the CD.

The sound has lead guitar right up front, recalling the work of Steve Wynn in Dream Syndicate, Frank Marino in Mahogany Rush, or John Perry in The Only Ones.

the Glimmers

various artists
label:: Eskimo Recordings

The Glimmers is the first disc that The Glimmer Twins have done where their name has been out front instead of on fine print on the CD cover

When I first heard this CD I was a little disappointed. This CD is very rock oriented, with most of the songs being guitar based. But upon repeated listening the disc opened up.

Gravel Volume 1

various artists
label:: Kumquat May Recording Inc.

Gravel Volume 1 is the first in what hopefully will be a series of rare and ultra obscure garage rock from the 1960s. The series starts out strong, thanks to a fine mix of unreleased acetates, some hard to find sides and a handful of regional garage rock (from locales like Texas and PA).

There's no doubt that Kumquat May Records decided to put together this series (limited to only 500 copies) based around the 5 unreleased alternate versions and acetates and a few of the astounding uncompiled tracks which are the main reason to get this compilation because they are fantastic.

50,000,000 Soulwax Fans Can't Be Wrong

various artists
label:: Wire Tap Recordings

Soulwax have been going at it for years now with their sought after remixes, the 2 many djs and hang all djs mix disc series and as members of the Soulwax rock band.

50,000,000 Soulwax Fans is really just another mix disc compilation of the latest electronic music (with only a few older tracks thrown in every so often). But thankfully there are a glut of Soulwax remixes strewn throughout the 2 cds which more than make up for the lack of older music.