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November 29, 2005

Gina X Performance

title:: Voyeur
label:: LTM

Gina Kikoine and Zeus B. Held worked together on Voyeur, their 3rd and final album as Gina X Performance in 1981, with an end result veering somewhere between shocking and ahead of its time and some been there done that music.

The album was only popular in France when it was released, and from it's quirky electronics which date it quite a bit and its cutting edge themes, one can see why.


title:: Vocalcity
label:: Huume

Luomo is the microhouse identity of Finnish electronic music artist Vladislav Delay. Vocalcity was the first Luomo record.

It originally came out in May 2000. The label it was on (Force Tracks) went out of business. For the first time in several years the album is available again on Vladislav Delay's own label, Huume Records.


title:: Hello Mom!
label:: Bpitch Control

Modeselektor are a duo from Berlin, Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert. They have released a handful of 12 inch singles on the Bpitch Control label.

Hello Mom! is their debut album for the Bpitch Control label and it features 3 collaborations with TTC, Sasha Perera (from Jahcoozi), and Paul St. Hilaire (formerly known as Tikiman), along with a slew of Modeselektor tracks on their own.

The Montgolfier Brothers

title:: Journey's End
label:: Vespertine & Son

This latest release from Manchester, England-based group, the Montgolfier Brothers, heralds a true return to form. The Montgolfier Brothers is the brainchild of Mark Tranmer, who also records as GNAC, and RPM Quigley.

This is their first release new material since the World is Flat, that was released on Alan McGee's London-based Poptones label and the first release by them on the recent Vespertine and Son label.

Peter Principle

title:: Idyllatry
label:: LTM

Peter Principle is the bass player of Tuxedomoon.It is his first new material in 15 years and it is a great record.

The sound starts with a Martin Denny Exotica feel, but launches into a Sofa Surfer experimental feel that makes it quite interesting and unique.

Vertigo Mixed

various artists
label:: Family Recordings

The british label known for it's iconic swirl logo issued a total of 90 albums from 1969 to 1973. Just within the past year the label has garnered considerable attention with the 3 disc retrospective 'time machine' not to mention the two part overview of the label in Record Collector magazine.

It might seem like Votel could just be capitalizing on all the interest but not so. The artists featured on the mix are all drawn largely from Votel's personal vinyl collection, the liner notes even give a nostalgic glimpse into the life of a young Andy Votel, scouring charity shops and spending his bus fare money on Vertigo records.