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Håkan Lidbo


Clockwise RMXS EP


Shitkatapult Records


Hakan Lidbo CD coverFittingly, Håkan Lidbo's Clockwise-Rmxs EP starts out with the sound of a clock, and even more fitting, the EP is based around the clock-like precision of the daily working lives of two individuals. Taking a page from Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Hakan Lidbo has fitted his chameleon like sound to the beat of the mundane working life of Anne Frost (a restaurant worker) and John Lane (a banker). The Clockwise-Rmxs EP includes the soundtrack to their lives seen through the eye of the soundtrack composer in Håkan Lidbo (and his various remixing partners, Simon Begg, Matthew Dear, and Sascha Ring) as his perspective changes in 6 different styled tracks, 4 bonus tracks, and an accompanying video short film called Clockwise.

Voice over snippets are used, interviews with Anne Frost and John Lane about their daily life's work are interspersed and manipulated throughout the different mixes, along with pertinent sound effects like teeth brushing and the sounds of alarm bells. The music beds used help emphasize the angle at which Håkan Lidbo would like you to view these lives - starting with the hirky jerky Lidbo rhythms of the Original Mix of Clockwise which starts out the collection. The Simon Begg version emphasizes the robotic beat, helped along by the computerization of the two voices and the sounds of phones off the hook.

The Håkan Lidbo Punkslut version adds the hectic beats of electro to the fray, while Matthew Dear and Apparat versions take a more minimal approach. Håkan also has fun with the Håkan Lidbo Jetset Mix where he creates a lounge tip to the proceedings which I'm sure his Japanese fans will love.

The rest of the bonus tracks veer away from the sound samples of the two people. Håkan Lidbo centers his attention on creating more incidental music to their lives, the most exciting of which is the The Fu-clan where he entertains his inner Bruce Lee. Freeze LAPD is a lot of fun as well, with Håkan Lidbo's take on police car chase music, 1970s style, while he shows us what it feels like to be a Shitkatapult with his perfect emulation of T. Raumschmiere on My First Honest Penny.

If you get a chance, watch the excellent accompanying video for Clockwise to get a better understanding of the whole proceedings.

---Patrick, June 1, 2004