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Messer Chups CD cover'Crazy Price' is St. Petersburg's Messer Chups' 7th full length record! Their 'Miss Libido 2000' CD single handedly made me love Russian music and caused me to scour the Web until I contacted the band.

I was quite thrill when I received my latest package from the band, as I wasn't too crazy about their 2002 record 'Black Black Magic'. I am pleased to tell you that 'Crazy Price' does not rely so heavily on surf instrumentals, and brings back the vocal samples and odd bits I loved so much about their records in the past.

The band is basically Oleg Gitarkin (guitars, synthesizer, programming) and longtime executive producer Oleg Tarasov. They use guests to flesh out the crazy ideas for the many great songs they create.

The highest profile guest they have is Lydia Kavina, who plays theremin on tracks Two Minutes To Massacre, Bing BangBang Bong Kong, and Let's Ride A Carousel.

Two Minutes To Massacre is one of my faves. Bing BangBang Bong Kong is another of my faves. Let's Ride A Carousel is the only song which has vocals on it (not including samples of dialog and such). Lena Semencova sings the track in Russian.

Credit must also go to Polina Vladimirova for her 50s sci-fi horror graphics on all the records. Her work really contributes to Messer Chups!

Though I have favorite tracks on the record, I enjoy listening to all of it. I especially like the movie samples. There is a 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' trash rock feel with UFO sounds, madman's laughs, monster growls, girls screams, and theremin sounds.

Another thing about this CD is that there are 3 videos on it, and they are great. One is for Sex Euro and Evils Pop (track 3 on the CD). You will see that Messer Chups do not just throw a live performance or some half done thing on their discs. this is a great movie, just as bonus videos on other Messer chups discs have been. The second video is for Super Megera, a song from their 'Vamp Babes' record. The last video is for Ich Bin Eine Hexe. I don't know where this song is taken from.

I advise you to go out and find this record. Buy another of their discs if it is all you can find. You will not be disappointed. This music is the coolest!

---Carl, April 6, 2004