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Alain Brito




Lucien-n-Luciano 12inch coverLucien-N-Luciano (aka Lucien Nicolet or Luciano) follows up the Live @ Weetamix cd on Max Ernst with a more digitized take on his dubby elastic sound on Alain Brito. Alain Brito is the first single from Lucien-N-Luciano's forthcoming album called Blind Behaviour on Peacefrog, and he's definitely upped the power from a few years ago, creating a masterwork in sound by using a soulfulness which he attaches to the dubby elastic rhythms he's so well known for. The end result is a piece of music which will keep you guessing even though it's parts are all tried and true elements. Where will the rhythms bounce to next? And where did that vocal come from? Hearing Alain Brito will make you hunger for more from Blind Behaviour.

The Remix For Amae by Ricardo Villalobos is not nearly as exciting, but helps to gear this track for the a dj's mix set. It does a nice job of not sounding like the original tune, while retaining some of its flavor in rhythmic feel alone. The overall feel is much darker though, and reminds me of Chris and Cosey.

---Patrick, April 6, 2004