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!K7 150


!K7 150



various artists 2xCD

K7 150 CD cover!K7150 is a 28 track, 2 cd set which was put together in honor of !K7's 150th release and it's a supreme collection spanning artists like Tiga, Swayzak, Ursula Rucker, Nicolette, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Funkstörung, Tosca, Playgroup, and Princess Superstar and The Peace Orchestra. It's a finger snapping soiree into the nether regions of chilled beats, downbeat, and electroclash. !K7 Records was started back in 1996 and best known for the incredible dj compilation series DJ Kicks which has always been a consistently excellent series of DJ mixes and a bunch of tracks here were included on those compilations.

Disc one starts out strong with Ursula Rucker's Supa Sista (Modaji Downlow Mix) which is a laidback philosophical mood piece with some loping beats. Nicolette continues the downbeat goodness with No Government which has a beat poet/Billie Holiday jazz vibe going on. This works itself in well with the next track Sometimes I'm Blue by Nick Holder which is a finger popping upbeat take on the same kind of Billie Holiday jazz mode. Kruder & Dorfmeister give us a DJ Kicks track called Black Baby which fires up the beats. The K&D side project Tosca offers up Gute Laune featuring Tweed and is a high point from the past year's releases.

Disc two has much stronger material than disc one. Herbert (featuring Dani Siciliano) starts this disc out strong with The Audience (vs. Jamie Lidell) which is a funky soulful workout. Playgroup are always incredible on compilations and Behind The Wheel (DJ Kicks Electroca$h Mix) is no exception giving up some of their primo dub electroclash (and a DJ Kicks version at that). The true highlight of this set is the DJ Kicks version of Tiga's Hot In Herre which is dancefloor busting loose blast of electro love. Tiga always rises above the heap. I've always had a soft spot for Swayzak and Make Up Your Mind which features Clair Dietrich on vocals is a great slab of electropop. Ghost Cauldron continue the dancefloor goodness with Vortex (Disco Up Mix) which has some nightmarishly sweet brand of synths (not unlike our pals New Order). Princess Superstar keeps the raunch and roll going on Do It Like A Robot (Hell Rocks The Equalizer Remix) - a really fiery number. Swayzak are featured again this time with fellow electro stars Adult. on the propellantI Dance Alone (Silicon Scally Mix). Funkstörung break things up with some broken breakbeats on Grammy Winners (Instrumental). And finally Peace Orchestra (another K&D side project) give us a jazzed out spacer with Double Drums (DJ DSL Mix) which sounds like what it might sound like if Elton John was given a remix treatment (and lost the vocals). A fitting end to !K7150 - 150 releases and still going strong.

---Patrick, September 16, 2003