gullbuy music review

September 16, 2003

  • Branches and Routes

    various artists
    label:: FatCat

    I remember when FatCat Records from London UK first started up 6 years ago, I knew it would be a long running, innovative label with crucial releases. That soon came to true with artists like Múm, Matmos, Process, Mice Parade, Team Doyobi, the Dylan Group and Sigur Rós.

    Branches & Routes is a 2 cd set which surveys FatCat's 6 year history as well as featuring several exclusive tracks. I really enjoyed the interesting mix of artists and styles on display here, and even was able to check out some groups I had previously not paid attention to in the past, whom I want to hear more by in the future now.

  • soulwax presents hang all dj's volume 5

    various artists
    label:: Head Traxx Inc.

    Volume five of the hang all dj's series has some segments that have been among my favorite of any of the five 2 many dj's and five hang all dj's discs Soulwax have released. This volume of the series has very many disco styled get up and go tracks that make it very upbeat and quite delightful.

    If you haven't heard any of these mix discs yet, it is time to track down one of them - any one of them - and listen.

  • K7 150

    various artists
    label:: K7

    !K7150 is a 28 track, 2 cd set which was put together in honor of !K7's 150th release and it's a supreme collection spanning artists like Tiga, Swayzak, Ursula Rucker, Nicolette, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Funkstörung, Tosca, Playgroup, and Princess Superstar and The Peace Orchestra.

    It's a finger snapping soiree into the nether regions of chilled beats, downbeat, and electroclash. !K7 Records was started back in 1996 and best known for the incredible dj compilation series DJ Kicks which has always been a consistently excellent series of DJ mixes and a bunch of tracks here were included on those compilations.

  • Transcargo

    title:: Oh Boy
    label:: Trunk Recordings

    Transcargo is a new band from England that sound like a cross between Broadcast and Birdie.


    Transcargo are not cheap imitations of Broadcast or Birdie. I offer the comparisons only because I hear such strong resemblances between the three bands. Transcargo are the first current band ever signed on Trunk Recordings, a label previously known for releasing reissues of library music. The EP has six songs and a quicktime video of the song Oh Boy.