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Bullets Form Habikino City H.C.




Ove-NaXx CD coverOve-Naxx is a Japanese artist who dedicates this album "for anybody with pain." That is not to say that this record is a painful listen.

The tracks have clipped electronics and broken beats that are configured into timings no human could hope to play, but the feeling is upbeat and energetic, kind of like the euphoria you experience upon entering a new level of a computer game.

In fact, many of the sounds seem to have been birthed in computer games. There are 8 songs on this thirty one minute disc. The disc is on dj/rupture's Soot label, now receiving wide distribution through a new deal struck with Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 label. This is the first CD release on Soot (everything up till now has been vinyl only).

There is classical music in the blend, 70s guitar rock n roll, dub, hip hop, and even traditional Japanese music. The blend is structured into an interesting brew, just as dj/rupture himself does. Ove-Naxx comes off as a natural addition to the Soot roster.

While this sound isn't new anymore (what is!?), 'Bullets From Habikino City H.C.' is well done and will please any fans of the broken beat genre. I especially like the solid beat opening track Wasabi Violence and the T. Raumschmiere put through a blender gabba-driven Mirurunin.

---Carl, August 19, 2003