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DJ Rupture


Gold Teeth Thief


Soot Records


DJ RuptureDJ Rupture was a Boston resident and part of Toneburst Collective. He moved to NYC, and now has moved to Madrid. 'Gold Teeth Thief' is a 48 track CD mixed live on 3 turntables.

It has sounds that don't seem like they should work together complimenting each other perfectly. Some of it is noisy broken beats, but much of it is Indian ragga, contemporary hip hop, or dancehall toasts.

The CD starts with a killer remix of Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On" which incorporates the instrumental (Indian song) "Nas Oochie Wallie" and Ricky Dog's (dancehall) "Risen To The Top" in it.

He puts his own stuff into the mix on a few tracks too. The DJ Rupture tracks from his recent single "Descarriada" (#8) and "Rhumbo Babylon" (#12) sit well in the set, plus his music appears in a couple of other places mixed into cuts.

Sounding very interesting is his mix of Dahlena's "Dabka" (#9), an Indian track that is kept almost intact throughout. My favorite cut on the disc is Missing Links "No Lodge" (#13), which is mixed with the DJ Rupture cut "Taqsim Distorsionada". It is pretty close to perfect to my ears, with street toughness, cool sounds, and rhythm to move by, all without endless bravado or curses.

Almost just as good is the mix of Project Pat's "Chickenhead" (#16) with Nettle's "Duppy". It has both male and female rap and only loses points with me for having too few points without vocals.

To its credit DJ Rupture does a mighty noise attack in the second half of the cut when he brings in the Nettle element to the mix. Almost eerie is the final cut on the disc, a mix based on the Muslimgauze cut "The Taliban", which DJ Rupture mixes with Paul Simon w/Ladysmith Black Mambazo's "Homeless" and Miriam Makeba's "Djiguinira".

---Carl, October 30, 2001