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October 30, 2001

  • Barry 7's Connectors reviewed in the gullbuyclick to read more

    Barry 7's Connectors

    various artists
    label:: Lo Recordings

    Following up Luke Vibert's Nuggets collection of library music on Lo Recordings is Add N To X's Barry 7. The 21 tracks he has chosen are much less abrasive than anything Add N To X have ever recorded, but have the quirky edges and sci fi feel that bleed through the best of Add N To X's work.

    The cuts were selected from the libraries of three major agencies in the 70s: Chappell, Southern, and PIL.

  • Dada Munchamonkey reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Dada Munchamonkey

    title:: Outside Time
    label:: Exist Dance

    Dada Munchamonkey is the new project formed by Eddie Ruscha. Eddie used to play bass in the LA band Medicine. Dada Munchamonkey records electronic music with samples and funky beats, kind of like fellow LA artists Seksu Roba.

    Eddie is the son of 60's Pop Art artist Ed Ruscha.

  • DJ Rupture reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    DJ Rupture

    title:: Gold Teeth Thief
    label:: Soot Records

    'Gold Teeth Thief' is a 48 track CD mixed live on 3 turntables. It has sounds that don't seem like they should work together complimenting each other perfectly.

    Some of it is noisy broken beats, but much of it is Indian ragga, contemporary hip hop, or dancehall toasts.

  • Love Her By Name reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Love Her By Name- a Lesley Gore tribute

    various artists
    label:: Room-Filling Sounds

    This tribute CD is unlike many of the glut of tribute CDs issued the past couple of years in that it is not a group of modern recording acts trying their hands at Gore material. This is actually a compilation of covers of songs Lesley Gore made famous by artists over the years.

    This wonderful collection will hopefully begin to give her the credit that should be coming her way, as well as providing a terrific listening experience.

  • Kanada reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Kanada
    label:: TMT Entertainment

    Kanada are a 5 piece band from Iceland that play gigs and are friends with with Mum.

    However, the two bands have very little in common musically. While Mum write contemplative watch-precision crafted electronic pieces structured with the random perfection of a snowflake, Kanada are a circus like juggernaut that remind me of Elektrotwist on some songs, and Der Plan on others.

  • Der Plan reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Der Plan

    title:: Geri Reig & Normalette Surprise
    label:: Ata Tak

    A Reissue of 2 records by German band Der Plan on one disc.

    Der Plan shared some of the sound that Clock DVA, Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire used, but they put the otherworldness into a pop setting, and kept the vocals sung in German.

  • Le Shok reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Le Shok

    title:: L.A. To N.Y.
    label:: Kapow!

    Only Le Shok would have the gall to release a 6" piece of wax meant to be played at 45 RPM! These guys are insane, seriously. The three tracks here are super fast and right on point.

    The obvious winner is their cover of the Screamers 122 Hours of Fear.

  • Trash Box reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Trash Box(Pebbles Box Set)

    various artists
    label:: Rhino

    The Trash Box 5 cd set features 109 punk rock tracks from the sixties and was originally released on vinyl under the name Pebbles Box (1987).

    Included are the first 5 Pebbles compilations (minus some tracks which could not be licensed like the surf compilation but with added garage tracks to fill their place).