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Le Shok


L.A. To N.Y.




Le ShokOnly Le Shok would have the gall to release a 6" piece of wax meant to be played at 45 RPM! These guys are insane, seriously.

The three tracks here are super fast and right on point. They were all performed live at various college radio stations over the past year or so.

While Le Shok may appeal to the "punk rockers" among us, their sound is far too raw and hairy to fit comfortably with the retro rockin' set. Their debut album (which won the honorary Sandra Barrett album cover of the month award) established these guys as rip roarers in their own right, and it don't quit with this one either.

The obvious winner is their cover of The Screamers' 122 Hours of Fear. Give it a listen and Le Shok just might skate their way right into your heart on a slip n slide fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Sandra Barrett, October 30, 2001