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Die Zorros


History of Rock Vol. 7


Voodoo Rhythm Records


Die Zorros CD coverPicture if you can a moderately competent trio (guitar, organ, drums) with a penchant for covers, and they can't decide if they prefer bluebeat or spaghetti western soundtracks, so they do them both ways at once. Oh, and they don't know the lyrics either, so when they actually sing, they just sing the title of the song over and over. And the drummer doesn't have exactly stellar timekeeping abilities. AND they're from Switzerland. You're getting there, but I think you really have to HEAR Die Zorros to really understand what I'm talking about.

Gershwin's Summertime, Los Bravos' Black Is Black, the Bee Gee's Massachussetts, Stairway to Heaven, and Europe's Final Countdown are only some of the songs getting the Zorros treatment on this CD.

Reading back over what I've written, I realize you may have gotten the wrong impression; I think this record is really great. Twangy guitar, cheap electric organ, enthusiastic performances all around capped with almost Meekian production; what's not to love?

---Peter L, July 8, 2003