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Beachbuggy CD cover More of the Fall-meets-Pixies sort of rock that one expects from these guys. While there's no big stylistic leap on this, their third full-length, I think their material has gotten tighter and more focused. The impeccable production is once again courtesy of Steve Albini.

Killer Bee, the first single, is sung from the point of view of, yes, an actual Killer Bee: "How could Science be so wrong?".

Kelly Hogan (ex-Rock*A*Teens) sings "oh wow!" on the choruses of Oh Wow!, adding a little extra something.

Strike! is a mid-tempo rocker with nice dynamics.

Easycome Easygo, one of my favorite tracks on the album, is a four on the floor number with noisy-ass choruses and an exquisite feedback outro.

The Hitt is classic Beachbuggy with primal drumming, bass riffs galore, spooky angular guitar parts, spoken/sung vocals, and a cool bridge in the middle.

Very Bad Thing, a mellow, melodic instrumental, is a nice change of pace before the album's final blast of grit, Deathray.

Apparently they've already garnered some mainstream airplay in their native England with Killer Bee. Could 2003 *finally* be Beachbuggy's year?

---Peter, June 10, 2003