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How to Kill the DJ (sampler)


How to Kill the DJ (sampler)




How to Kill the DJ 12inch coverWhen Carl first showed me the 12 inch single sampler from the How To Kill The DJ compilation on Tigersushi Records, I was somewhat skeptical and mighty curious at the same time. I knew that Tigersushi Records was a great label (check out the More G.D.M. compilation, if you are curious). But the fact the sample had two versions of a Ministry song from 1983 and a version of a Soft Cell song from 1982, sort of left me skeptical.

But hey - I knew Ministry had started out as a synth pop band (I'm sure Al Jourgensen cringes at the thought) and every Soft Cell song that I've heard on compilations these days has kicked in  an electro meets disco kind of way.

All skepticism disappeared as soon as I put this vinyl sampler on the turntable. Ministry's song I Wanted To Tell Her (for the record, it's from the album With Sympathy) gets two different mixes. The Tongue Tied Mix retains more of the original vocal and sounds like the heathen brethren of Tones on Tail or Human League. It's the most dated track here, but also the most like a real song. The second version of I Wanted To Tell Her is the Naom Gabo Edit and it gets my vote out of the two mixes up for offer. Less vocals, but enough to keep the feel of the original song, and more of a groove to keep things moving along.

The Kill The Dj Edit - long version of Soft Cell's Memorabilia doesn't seem that long to me but that might have to do with how wonderful the synth sounds get as they groove through the air. Soft Cell really knows how to combine that synth sound with a rhythm to make things get funky - and the Kill The Dj Edit brings it out even better.

Any and all of these tracks would sound great in a mix. Maybe soon we'll get our hands on the full Kill The Dj album for which this sampler is the tease. Keeping my fingers crossed.

---Patrick, June 10, 2003