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Savas Pascalidis


Galactic Gigolo


International DeeJay Gigolo Records


Savas Pascalidis CD coverSavas Pascadilis is a Berlin DJ who creates disco styled electronic music that honors Giorgio Moroder and first wave disco without aping either. He runs the label Lazergun, which just released the new single by Northern Lites. Northern Lite's Treat Me Better was one of the highlights of City Rocker's short life as a label.

On this record Savas Pascadilis has 14 songs. Superman, which was on the Gigolo Sampler 6 double CD set, has a swirling part which reminds me of the Brazilian song Bebe by Hermeto Pascoal (even their names are similar!).

On 'Galactic Gigolo' Superman precedes my favorite song, Defend It. Defend It is an instrumental with a dirty synth tied with a drag line to the beat. Defend It keeps me thinking of Tummy Touch artists Los Chicharrons or Tutto Matto as played by T. Raumschmiere.

Finding Enemies is one of the few songs that have vocals by Savas Pascadilis. The song starts off sounding like Felix Da Housecat's intro to Shower Scene till a sound like an electronic version of the violin played by the blind man in the cottage from the original Frankenstein movie comes in. From that point there are 80s sounding LinnDrums and lots of burbling synths. I like Finding Enemies a lot.

At the end of the disc is a block of three songs that I really enjoy. She Blinded Me With Sciene, Can't Wait To Get To You, and Space Woman are aces one and all.

She Blinded Me With Sciene (misspelling intentional) is an instrumental that uses the power riff from Thomas Dolby's classic track. Savas Pascadilis adds a lot of bongo percussion and a solid beat. The song really comes together as something new.

Can't Wait To Get To You has chaos running through it. There are treated vocals and a busy riff on top of the steady disco beat. The synth has an electro sound and reminds me a bit of David Carretta.

Space Woman has a synth part right out of the Giorgio Moroder songbook or Blondie's Heart of Glass. There are samples including Barbarella styled mock screams.

Despite a misleading record sleeve which makes this disc look like a Chicks On Speed record, 'Galactic Gigolo' is a really solid nu-disco record that sounds fresh and sincere. It is not a bandwagon jumping Electroclash disc or a soulful house record. It is the sound of a club breathing with a beat flaying - it is the sound that I want to hear.

---Carl, April 8, 2003