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Massive Attack


Special Cases


Virgin Records Ltd.


Massive Attack Special Cases 12inch coverThis 12inch has two remixes of my favorite song from the latest Massive Attack album '100th Window.'

Special Cases has a lively feel that I could not find on other songs on '100th Window.' Both of the artists on this remix single supercharge the track without removing any of the vocal. They are excellent mixes created by well chosen artists. The CD version of this single does not have the Luomo mix, making12inch vinyl the format to go for.

The first side is a 9:56 linear mix by Canadian artist Marc Leclair, otherwise known as Akufen. Marc took the name Akufen from the phonetic spelling of the French word for tinnitus. His treatment of Special Cases reminds me very much of the band Laika. Akufen usually records cut up electronic samples synched to beats. His mix on this single makes me wish he would mix a whole record for any artist I liked. It is straightforward, clean, and challenging. A very modern update of the classic trip-hop sound.

On the flip is Finland artist Vladislav Delay, mixing the track under his Luomo identity. Besides recording under his own name and Luomo, he has also recorded as Uusitalo and Sistol. Additionally, he released a track as AGF/Dlay with Antye Greie-Fuchs. She is the vocalist of the German band Kante, and has released a record as AGF. The Luomo mix is 7:56 of good times for any Luomo fan awaiting the second Luomo record. As he uses a female vocalist on his recordings as Luomo, the sound of his Special Cases mix is not far removed from his regular Luomo records.

I'm not sure which mix I like better. They are both A-side mixes in my opinion.

---Carl, April 8, 2003