gullbuy music review

April 8, 2003

  • Black Box Recorder

    title:: Passionoia
    label:: One Little Indian

    Sara Nixley perfectly captures the cynicism of Luke Haine's lyrics. Her deadpan voice could be linked to the styling's of Ladytron and Lali Puna, though the music has much more in common with Saint Etienne.

    'Passionoia' is a strong LP that shows growth without compromise. Super disc!

  • French Sounds

    various artists
    label:: Catalogue

    Catalogue is at it again with another fine collection of French music. This time without the constraints of sticking strictly to the French girls, I think the end results is more well rounded and engaging. The odd but interesting trend of including remixes and songs with only choruses is still here (and the curious fact that a lot these songs are in English).

    Both compilations from Catalogue are worth investigating though if you are at all curious about modern French music - they both contain fresh sounding music from the last few years.

  • Massive Attack

    title:: Special Cases
    label:: Virgin Records Ltd.

    This 12inch has two remixes of my favorite song from the latest Massive Attack album '100th Window.'

    Special Cases has a lively feel that I could not find on other songs on '100th Window.' Both of the artists on this remix single supercharge the track without removing any of the vocal. They are excellent mixes created by well chosen artists.

  • Savas Pascalidis

    title:: Galactic Gigolo
    label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    Savas Pascadilis is a Berlin DJ who creates disco styled electronic music that honors Giorgio Moroder and first wave disco without aping either.

    Despite a misleading record sleeve which makes this disc look like a Chicks On Speed record, 'Galactic Gigolo' is a really solid nu-disco record that sounds fresh and sincere.

  • The Royal Family & The Poor

    title:: Anthology 1978-2001
    label:: Gaia Musick

    The Royal Family & The Poor are an 80s Factory or Zoo Records styled darkwave band with lyrics concerning Magick, and moody guitar/electronic songs that make me think of a less pop Wah!, Dead Or Alive before Pete Burns went club, or the duo Gene Loves Jezebel.

    Even though this sound is not what I normally would listen to, I enjoy the tracks Voices, Transparent, and Feast.

  • The Searchers

    title:: Take Me for What I'm Worth
    label:: Castle Music

    The Searchers were a group with all of the right talent behind them, but with out the record company promotions needed to sustain continued hit records. They made headway by having incredible production value (thanks to Tony Hatch) and included incredible harmonies and musicianship.

    The Searchers could never really rock as hard as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones but they did make an incredible splash by playing what can only be termed folk rock before folk rock even existed.