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The Future (Human League)


Dance Like A Star


Black Melody


The Future 12inch sleeveThe Future was the name The Human League used in the beginning. This record is a limited edition 12inch released as a companion to 'The Golden Hour of The Future' CD released in 2003 on the label Black Melody . Only 2000 copies on the 12inch were pressed.

The songs on the 12inch are Dance Like A Star (v.1), Dance Like A Star (v.2,), C'est Grave, Treatment, Titled U.N, and Last Man On Earth (excerpt). The EP includes two tracks from the CD (Dance Like A Star v.1 and Last Man On Earth), but the remaining four tracks are exclusive to this 12inch.

The EP starts off with Dance Like A Star (v.1). This version was recorded after v.2, and is the superior version in my opinion. The beat is much faster than the earlier version, which sounds tired in comparison to v.1.

My favorite track (and the one to buy this for in my opinion) is C'est Grave. C'est Grave has vocals by The Human League's tour manager/engineer Timothy Pearce. It almost sounds like a pirate shanty put to electronics. It has the same type of 'this piece does not fit' feel as Lose This Skin from The Clash on their 'Sandinista' record, but The Clash had the courage to include Lose This Skin on their record, and The Human League never did anything with C-est Grave. Regardless of what they were thinking, C-est Grave is the song I will be playing from this 12inch, and I am glad that this 12inch exists to bring the song to all of us.

Titled U.N. is a sprightly instrumental which closes out the A-side. The pacing of the whole side works well, and all three tracks have a high energy level.

On the B-side The Future become ponderous and heavy lidded. Dance Like A Star (v.2) is interesting to hear (it is not on the CD), but not a stunning revelation. Treatment Is an instrumental with an almost classical feel to it. It is my favorite track on this side of the record. Last Man On Earth is a long slow space instrumental that I don't care for. I wonder why they chose it to appear on both the CD and 12inch?

Though it is costly to buy a 12inch for just one song, C'est Grave is the song to pick this up for. If that sounds reasonable, then buy this record. If not, then stick to 'The Golden Hour of The Future' CD and know you are only missing one good track.

---Carl, April 15, 2003