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Errorsmith CD coverErrorsmith is Smith: half of the duo Smith & Hack. The first time I heard Errorsmith was on the WMF compilation '[komfort.labor] presents Native Lab.' Free For All appears on this record as well as the WMF comp. I really like the Smith & Hack 'Tribute' LP. It was built entirely of samples from (disco king) Bohannon songs.

Errorsmith 2 is the follow up to a 12inch called Errorsmith 1. The 8 tracks on this 38 minute CD seem to be built out of sampled errors! There is no real structure on any of the tracks, except Pick A Bone, which is my favorite cut on the disc.

Pick A Bone approaches the sharp glitchy sound that Uwe Schmidt uses on his Geeez 'n' Gosh project. There is also a bit of kinship with T. Raumschmiere in the sound. I believe that in reality the sounds on Errorsmith 2 are a result of Smith's work using the audio software Reaktor, not a result of sampling errors. Reaktor is "an environment for creating custom sound machines and compositional systems for live and studio work."

Whatever the source of the sounds, Errorsmith 2 will not be for everyone. If you enjoy bands like Smash TV and want to see how far robot sounds can go, Errorsmith 2 might just do the trick, especially on a track like Funny Bone. Funny Bone has somewhat of a beat, and is probably my second favorite track on the disc.

Fans of broken beat artists like DJ Scud, I-Sound (who smith collaborates with as Disco Consultant) or Venetian Snares may think Errorsmith 2's best track is Most Elastic. Someone who enjoys minimal glitch may just like it all.

For me, I remain hopeful that the Smith & Hack LP gets re-released, or somehow reaches a wider audience. That is the record I would recommend from this crew.

---Carl, April 15, 2003