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SystemElectronic music will forever develop in new ways, which means that there will always be the need for new sounds to fill the hunger induced by the passing of an older sound.

System is just such a group - they have developed a sound based off of a handful of older electronic ideas with a new twist.

Thanks to the involvement of Thomas Knak (Opiate, the Hobby Industries label - he also worked on Björk's Vespertine album), Jesper Skaaning (Acoustic and Altra) and Anders Remmer (Dub Tractor) all of whom are also involved in a project called Future 3, the minimal dub electronic sound has a new template for 2002.

System is inspired by the dub-style of Pole but with perhaps an even more attuned ear to the basics of electronic dub: echo, reverb and bass. This is a refined music perfect for headphone listening in which the finer details of production add to the whole - and furthermore System has intuited the need for a work like this to stand up to the multiple listen.

Subtle enhancements and variant strategies create an ever-developing sound. Each track on this 9 song cd is usually no more than 4 or 5 minutes and therefore there is never a chance for a song to wear out its welcome.

I found with each time I listened to this cd I liked it even more and I now want to hear more by the System crew and to even download the ever- changing mp3 compilations they post at the website. System have done the greatest deed: whetting my appetite for more.

---Patrick Rands, September 17, 2002