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Lee Anderson


Rumpsteak EP




Lee AndersonThis here is some funky tech-house from Lee Anderson (aka Peter Grummich of Kompakt) - each track seems to stem from a piece of actual funk music, put on repeat and pushed to the limit. Like much from the Shitkatapult label there is repetitive nature to each track, but where in the past I've noticed a Germanic feel to the music, this has a decidedly more dancefloor ready approach.

Each track was custom-made to be mixed seamlessly into a late night dj set. I must mention that the first track on side A Das Quitscheentchen has an annoying child's toy sample laid on top of the rhythm at the 2 and half minute mark. Other than that flaw, A2 Minirock sounds just that, rocking, B2 Streetvomit is driving (the most Shitkatapult-sounding track here) and B2 Kugelfisch is more laidback and dubby. All three of these tracks serve as my favorites.

---Patrick Rands, August 6, 2002