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Nora Below


Crystallize & These Days b-w Trace & Thursday


Bpitch Contro


Nora Below Nora Below is a song oriented artist - not a dancefloor artist like most Bpitch Control artists. She has released this 4 song EP, with 4 vocal based songs.

When you listen to other Bpitch Control releases, it is the cool sounds in the tracks that hit you and draw you back again. This EP is not like that - the voice is presented front row center. And that voice changes from song to song, frequently reminding me of other artists in its tone.

'Crystalilize' has a bit of Roisin Murphy (Moloko) and Nina Hagen to it. 'These Days' has a bit of Debsey (Birdy and Feminine Complex). But the artist who reminds me most of Nora Below is one you may not know - Suran Song.

New Jersey's Suran Song In Stag have released four full length CDs to little recognition. Suran has a distinctive, clear voice that resonates strongly with what I hear on this EP,particularly on 'Trace,' my favorite song of the four. It has a sound in it like the death ray from War Of The Worlds, plus the best changes and tune to my ears. I love the track.

I think it is really cool that Ellen Allien keeps digging up new electronic artists for her label. While Sylvie Marks is currently my fave Bpitch Control artist, I will watch for Nora Below's next EP. If she can release an 12inch with a clear vision and songs as strong as 'Trace' I will be all ears.

---Carl, August 6, 2002