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Alex Amoon


I'm The Virus!


Bpitch Control


Alex Amoon Bpitch Control does it again with this eclectic 12 inch single from Alex Amoon.

I really didn't know what to think at first - 6 songs spread out on a single with tons of variety. While a couple of the tracks do seem like filler, the cream of the crop make this single well worth your while.

A1 I Get Higher has distorted vocals, strummed guitars and a funky beat and bass, reminding me of Babybird if he were to branch out his rhythms and become more excitable.

A3 Redlight hits harder with a drum and bass rhythm, funk synth bass and jazzy keyboard solos with a spoken vocal.

B1 Nu Podadi has a classic sounding electro rhythm, but full throttle dancefloor style. I really like the keyboard solo with the female voiced sighs subtly mixed together.

B3 Let Me In is the bringdown contemplative track with a plodding rhythm and laidback soulful vocals.

---Patrick Rands, August 6, 2002