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Neon King Kong


Mix Up The Mix b-w Jerks Are Creeping




Neon King KongFormer Le Shok vocalist Hot Rod Todd, going by the name Nancy Manhands, has teamed up with folks from Teenage Heartthrobs, Lesbian Maker, and The Count to bring us Neon King Kong.

This band's sound, while not unlike Todd/Nancy's former band, is more polished and less spazzy. They do sound like they're just barely staying in control and the songs are still Le Shok-short ('Mix Up the Mix' is about a minute and fifteen seconds; the flip, 'Jerks Are Creeping,' is just a hair over one minute long). Art punk, but a little more 'punk' than 'art' this time time around.

Both sides of this record are great but if I HAD to choose I think I'd pick the a-side, with its Hivesy guitar solo, as my fave.

---Peter Ledebur, June 18, 2002