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Bazille Noir




Klein Records


Hamburg-based Bazille Noir (Jens Paulsen and Stefan Ebinger) bring us this their debut release, an enticing 12 inch single on Klein Records.

Film noir springs to mind right off when first listening to this single, each track has a cinematic feel.

The first track (my least favorite) Big Time starts off with a bluesy guitar riff and a smattering of horns coupled with a funky rhythm. This would not be out of place as a backing track to a scene in a seedy drug film.

Türbläser track 2 on side one, is more my style, more atmospheric, with its house feel and froggy bass - it still has the smattering of horns and the added plus of a repeated female voice sample done just right. Building up with it's tensile bass and slapping drums, the tension mounts as the first side ends with creaking and groaning horn solos.

Side two starts with a more laidback pensive number called Electro Nipples. This track has a funky old fashioned drum machine snycopating with some real sounding drums, and sound effects, along with organ melodies laid on top which keep things going. All in all a more subtle approach.

The final track on side two, track 2, Achterbahn definitely has the 70s euro rhythm box sound with the antiquated drum machine and repetitive organ riff. All sorts of tricks are used from jazzy horn backing to drum n bass drum tracks, along with the horn blasts which seem to be Bazille Noir's forte. Things really get cooking as we close this side of the single.

Out of the 4 tracks here, I liked three of them a lot, I think that's a pretty good track record.

---Patrick, May 14, 2002