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Psychedelic Illusions


Psychedelic Experience Volume 3


Mystic Records

various artists CD

Psychedelic IllusionsOK - with the addition of volume 3 the gullbuy has reviewed all four 'Psychedelic Experience' compilations. When Pip reviewed volume 4 in the November 27 2001 gullbuy he started off his review by saying "after a weak outing with volume #3...". I spoke with him after buying this CD, as I found little to complain about on this disc. He clarified what he had written by saying that up till volume 3 he had loved every single track on Psychedelic Experience comps.

On volume 3 he only loved half the tracks. Believe me, loving half the tracks on a 23 track comp is a far better average than 80% of the stuff reviewed in the gullbuy. I love way less than half the tracks on this comp and still will call it "killer".

My very favorite cut is the first one. Logic Circuit start off the comp with Motorcross. It is an instrumental with the sound of motorcycles and banjos. It's a dream!

My fave track is Enchanted Island by Crosstown Bus. It was transferred to 'Psychedelic Illusions' straight from scratchy vinyl, but I agree that it needed to be here. Enchanted Island has the sound of innocence mixed with the knowledge given by exposure to psychedelics. It is a strong moment.

I also like Tears People Through My Glasses, Missing Lynx Behind Locked Doors, Jimmy White & The Relations Diamond Coated Banana Bush, and Pompeo Stillo & The Companions He Was A Guitar Player And Now Plays Machine Gun.

Like the other three volumes, this is a completely solid purchase - not a collection of barrel scraping obscurities.

---Carl, March 12, 2002