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Formation 60


Formation 60


Jazzanova Compost Records

various artists CD

Formation 60A compilation of jazz released on the East German state-owned label Amiga from 1957-69, put together by Jazzanova.

In 2001 Jimi Tenor brought attention to Polish Jazz, a buzz which grew into his 'Out Of Nowhere' LP.

Polish Jazz artists such as the amazing Novi Singers (almost Free Design sounding with their harmonies) impressed me greatly when I heard them. This set is nothing compared to the finest Novi Singers tracks, but it is pretty interesting.

The opening track Zwielicht by Manfred-Ludwig-Sextett has a real bounce to its bossa rhythm. Toby Fichelscher & Gunter Wilk's On Chano's Track sounds like Louie Austen, or something from a bar scene in Get Carter.

Michael Fritzen-Quartett's Rien swings with a cool beat. The real gem is Orchester Klaus Lenz Zottos. It is my fave track. It could provide samples for some of the J-pop I so love. It is a gem that makes me very glad to have heard this record. Zottos centers on a great bass, brushed drums, and a brass section that play the spicy beat smooth as silk.

---Carl, March 12, 2002