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Plastic D'Amour






Plastic D'AmourA six song e.p. on the Siesta label, with beautiful artwork and beautiful melodies.

Each track uses acoustic instruments mixed with drum machines and soothing keyboards to great effect - softly plucked piano lines moving against female vocals sung mainly in Spanish, but alternating between that, French and English on some tracks.

This cd reminded me a lot of the first Autour De Lucie album. Almost to a T really - especially track 3 Petits Suicide. But really Autour De Lucie has always been a band and this disc is truly the work of two people perhaps with a little outside help.

This disc is pretty much mid-paced throughout - never getting too obtrusive although Track 6 Charol has some heavier guitar in it and a more strained vocal.

At a mere 20 minutes this disc definitely left me wanting more by Plastic D'Amour - so here's hoping we get a full length in the near future.

---Patrick R, February 19, 2002