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Neil And Iraiza


Wasted Time




Neil And IraizaWasted Time is the latest E.P. by Gakuji Matsuda (Cubismo Grafico) and Hirohisa Horie under the name Neil and Iraiza.

The beginning of the title track reminds me of the music I would often hear when I was little, listening to a children's books-on-tape or watching a wholesome cartoon on tv.

After the lively introduction, the music picks up in tempo. I enjoy how the flute sounds seem to dance and how the piano/synth melodies joyfully race up and down the scales.

Supreme Day has a more rock feel to it with heavier percussion, but the piano melodies and horns aptly soften the overall sound. The lyrics and singing style seem more romantic and dreamy.

Through their blissful, silly (in a naïve, playful sort of way), and seemingly spontaneous music, I can imagine that nothing could go wrong in the world of Neil and Iraiza.

---Teresa Concepcion, February 12, 2002