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A Rocket In Dub


'Rocket No. 3' b-w 'Rocket No. 4'




A Rocket in DubA Rocket In Dub is Stefan Schwander, and this his second 12' as such.

In the past Stefan recorded to high respect as Antonelli Electr. All the songs he has released so far as A Rocket In Dub have had number names ('Rocket in #3' and 'Rocket in #4' are on this single). He has kept the name and the packaging plain and generic. Both singles have had a white DJ styled sleeve with a small hole that only lets a little bit of the label show through. He seems to be making a statement about noticing subtle things.

The music of A Rocket In Dub is more organic that other electronic dub (like Pole). You can hear bongos and guitar in the tracks. The end feel is very calm though, even with the subtle 4/4 house beat hiding in the background.

I would picture grooving to this on a warm beach before going SCUBA diving in the sun. It is bright and understated, which sounds like a contradiction but describes what I hear to a tee. Both tracks are good. I wish I had bought the first 12' when it was around.

---Carl, February 12, 2002