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Zhark - Praxis


HecateAfter an exemplary series of singles on her own Zhark label, Hecate, better known as Rachael Kozak, has, after a long wait, released her nail-biting debut full-length.

Kozak has an interesting history in relation to what can clumsily be called ' new electronic hardcore.' Originally from Detroit, and having taken classes at the School for Visual Arts with Johanna Fateman from Le Tigre (for whom she has done a superb remix), she moved to London and now moves between there and Berlin.

Her first record draws on the strengths displayed in her eyebrow-stripping singles: completely original breakbeats tearing along at about 180 beats-per-minute, dark, menacing basslines combined with snares and hi-hats that could cut through concrete.

Though it's a cliché applied to one musical genre after another since the early 80s, Kozak's music truly represents a punk spirit which has been missing in contemporary music for far too long. I say that not for the sake of sensationalism but for the simple fact that the music on this album is the closest in spirit, though miles away in stylistic terms, to early Crass records.

Put the repetitive, didactic Alec Empire & Digital Hardcore out of your field of hearing and listen to music that really burns.

Tim Haslett, September 18, 2001