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Bebel Gilberto


Eyes / Tempo (remixes)




Bebel GilbertoNifty remix 12' on the Belgium label Ziriguiboom has Chari Chari and Faze Action each providing two remixes: a vocal one and an instrumental one.

Chari Chari is the name Tokyo-based Kaoru Inoue records under. Faze Action are two brothers (Robin & Simon Lee) from the UK.

All four mixes do not tread on the spiritual sound that Bebel Gilberto has: they just draw out the beauty they see and concentrate one or more aspects of her complex attraction in their own way as artists. The results are much better than the remix CD single Bebel Gilberto released in the US on Six Degrees last Spring.

In fact, these are my favorite Bebel Gilberto recordings right now. They are much less mainstream than most of the stuff on her full length. My favorite of the mixes is the vocal mix by Chari Chari, but I will enjoy any of the four mixes as I hear them separately. Fave: B2

---Carl, September 18, 2001