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November 13, 2001

  • Anti NY reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Anti NY

    various artists
    label::Gomma Records

    A compilation of early 80s underground music out of NYC all having a connection with the Mudd Club, put together by German compiler Munk.

    Anti NY also features new remixes of the '80s tunes (Tracks 8 through 12) including funky reworks by idm stars Funkstorung, Syrup (featuring members of The Poets Of Rhythm and Beanfield) and the CD's producers Munk.

  • Chocolat reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Henry
    label:: Warner Music Japan

    Chocolat is a Japanese hearthrob with a very commercial sound, quite like a Japanese version of the NYC band Ivy.

    On three songs she collaborates with Hirohisa Horie, of Neil & Iraiza (his project with Cubismo Grafico) and Dots & Borders (his project with Hideki Kaji). Additionally, she worked with noted Japanese programmer Tomoki Kanda on five songs.

  • EDMX reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Tech Zero & Tech One b-w Fly Gir l& Planet Control
    label::MPC Trax / Breakin' Records

    Ed DMX recorded several CDs and oodles of singles as DMX Krew, then started the label Breakin' Records and began recording as EDMX.

    As always, his music is ultra dry sounding classic electro.

  • King Of Woolworths reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    King Of Woolworths

    title:: Ming Star
    label:: Mantra Recordings

    A feeling of melancholy, offering a gentle xylophone loop, then acquiring a relaxed, almost lounge-like drum beat overlaid with a Hammond harmony, then giving way to an all-encompassing lazy bass line.

    Some tracks recall those nightsyou stayed up late to watch Twilight Zone and horror movies, which inevitably bring on the nightmares that haunt you forever.

  • My Bloody Valentine reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    My Bloody Valentine

    title:: This Is Your Bloody Valentine
    label:: Dossier Records

    The very first My Bloody Valentine recording from 1985 may come as a surprise to those who don't know their history. Basically this was a different band than the one that would re-emerge as the shoegazing gods a few years later.

    I think this disc - while not considered crucial MBV - is in the very least of interest to both MBV fans and for anyone who digs rock'n'roll a la the Cramps or Nick Cave.

  • Mina reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: A To B

    'A To B' is the second record by this young Berlin 4 piece live band. Mina play instrumental dance rock with full bodied bass guitar, live drums and upfront organ.

    Mina are kind of like a clean German version of the US band !!!.

  • Sluts 'n Strings & 909 reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Sluts 'n Strings & 909

    title:: Carrera
    label:: Cheap Entertainment

    'Carrera' was the third release on Cheap. Cheap is a label from Vienna Austria that is basically run by Patrick Pulsinger and E. Tanaka, who are Sluts'n'Strings & 909.

    Gerhard Potuznik plays on two cuts, both of which are among my favorites.

  • Sonar 2001 reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Sonar 2001

    various artists

    Very nice double disc set at a cheap price. Can introduce you to lots of great artists. You may already have some of these songs, but I am sure that there are many artists who you will never have heard of that contribute worthy tracks.

    The set is divided into 'Sonar by day' and 'Sonar by night'. The day CD has driving, tight structured songs, while the night CD has longer house influenced tracks you could dance to.

  • TokTok reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Missy Queen RMXS
    label::Bpitch Control

    Four remixes of the song Missy Queen's Gonna Die, by TokTok & Soffy O.

    The remixers are Mitte Karaoke, Smash TV, EEDIO, and Martini Bros. The vocals of Soffy O. sound like the 80's US band The Waitresses.

  • V/VM reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Hate You
    label:: Offal Records

    For me this disc is worth it just for the Madonna and Carnival Of Souls covers. They are very fine.

    The insert in this CD puts the project into perspective with words from V/VM and a hate list for guidance. I have wondered why they make the records they do - the insert puts their philosophy down in print.