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Sonar 2001


Sonar 2001




Sonar 2001 reviewed in the gullbuyVery nice double disc set at a cheap price. Can introduce you to lots of great artists. You may already have some of these songs, but I am sure that there are many artists who you will never have heard of that contribute worthy tracks.

The set is divided into 'Sonar by day' and 'Sonar by night'. The day CD has driving, tight structured songs, while the night CD has longer house influenced tracks you could dance to.

Both CDs have several pleasant surprises. On the day CD I like 7 of the 14 cuts, on the night CD I like 4 of the 11 tracks.

By day:

I like Yonderboi, the Hungarian artist who has a great CD on the Mole Listening Pearls label. His cut Pabadam starts off the comp. Next up is XRS Land, an electronic band from San Paulo Brazil who update the batacumba drum sound into something very new. Jazzanova have Fedime's Flight, one of the best songs I've heard from them. Likewise Truby Trio do Caradillo which sounds so good I am inspired to dig out my Truby Trio 12"s and listen again. Caradillo uses African chants in a manner that is very close to Afro-beat. The Lemon Jelly song A Tune For Jack is very familiar from both the 10" it originally came out on and the CD is ended up on, but it is still a great cut and one of my faves on the disc. Squarepusher My Red Hot Car- girl- and Aphex Twin Windowlicker are both as good as I had heard them to be, though I never got to actually hear them till this disc.

On the night CD:

Maw feat. Liliana Chachian starts off the disc with Brazilian Beat - Romatt dub. Like XRS Land, Maw is a Brazilian band that I am really glad to hear. The drums are incredible and the cut is great. The Luomo track Synkro was one of my faves from the full length by this Vladislav Delay project, and I love the edit they have chosen for this comp. Laurent Garnier's Communication From The Lab - Germ mix has a dirty electronic sound and dry beats. I had never heard anything by him before - this cut stands out. The last of my faves is Blackout 2001 by Phuture 303. It is somewhat of a novelty cut with the vocal drama and sound effects, but I found it had stuck with me after a couple of listenings.

There are many bands on this comp, and I wouldn't be surprised if a dozen people who lived with the set for a week chose a dozen different sets of faves.

---Carl, November 13, 2001