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Tech Zero & Tech One b-w Fly Girl & Planet Control


MPC Trax / Breakin' Records


Dub Taylor reviewed in the gullbuy Four electro instrumentals by Ed DMX. The two sides of this 12inch are labeled 'G' and 'H', as this single is part of a series of releases that ultimately were compiled on a CD.

Ed DMX recorded several CDs and oodles of singles as DMX Krew, then started the label Breakin' Records and began recording as EDMX.

As always, his music is ultra dry sounding classic electro. When he first started putting out singles in 1997 his music was completely at odds with musical trends and his high gloss sounds were not heard by many people. Now electro is 'in', and EDMX are on it solidly.

If you love I-F or classic electro, this 12inch will please you. If you are only curious about the genre, there are many electro-rock hybrids that would please you more. Or just go back to the DMX Krew CDs 'Nu Romantix' or 'We are DMX'.

---Carl, November 13, 2001