Pole 'R'

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Image: PoleIn January 2001 the record label Din re-released the 1998 debut 12inch by Stefan Betke (Pole).

The songs were Raum 1 and Raum 2.

The new R CD by Pole puts both sides of that 12inch on CD for the first time, plus gives us 4 new variations of Raum by Pole, and 4 remixes (both sides of the 12" remixed by Burnt Friedman, and both by Kit Clayton).

Nothing beats the original cuts (skull splittingly original when first released), but for my money the two Burnt Friedman variations (# 5 & 6) and Kit Clayton's variation of Raum 2 (#10) are great.

There is more breadth of sound on this CD than on any previous Pole CD. The 4 new Stefan Betke variations break new ground for him, with even a guitar in the mix (!). As we all wait to see where Pole go on the next proper release, R is much more than a place holder to keep his name on the new release shelf - it is a pretty good disc.

---Carl, October 2, 2001