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Image: ArtefactsA few years ago the UK label Worm Interface released a CD by Solar X. The CD made little impact and I forgot about Russia until falling in love with the amazing Messerchups 'Miss Libido 2000' CD this year, when a bunch of great discs from Russia started showing up in the stores.

First came the CD EP by EU. Then came the Fizzarum 12" and CD on Domino. Lo Recordings released the Russian electronica compilation RU Electronic. Now the Moscow label ArT-TeK has released the best yet representation of Russia's underground electronic scene.

Artefacts has a very energetic feel which has been missing from many electronica discs. Although I love almost all the cuts on this comp, my favorite is DJ Compass Vrubell's Captain Of The Loo (#3). It cuts up hip hop and electronic sounds with samples that include vocal sounds.

There are a few distinct types of sounds featured on the comp. J-Toonz's Black Noise (#5) is broken beat electronic hardcore. EU, Fizzarum, and Solar X have songs on here as well.

I really hope that more records on small labels from Russia start making it to our stores, especially if the quality level can be as good as this is.

---Carl, October 2, 2001