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February 22, 2006

Alright,This Time Just the Girls Volume 2

various artists
label:: Sympathy for the Record Industry

Alright,This Time Just the Girls Volume 2 is a 30 song compilation that offers one track each from many of the all (or mostly) girl bands on the long running independnet label Sympathy for the Record Industry.

There are rock, pop, punk, blues and country styled songs on the disc. There are so many tracks with different styles, that it is almost guaranteed that anyone can find enough tracks they like to make this a decent purchase.

Back to Peru

various artists
label:: Vampisoul

If you think about the geography of Peru with its coastal plains, the rugged Andean mountains, and tropical rainforests, a very diverse picture begins to emerge.

Everything from surf, Mersey Beat, cheesy organ driven garage, Andean psych folk and at least three songs by obsessive Hendrix devotees.

Can't Stop It

various artists
label:: Chapter

Can't Stop It is a real find - there are many tracks on it you will want to hear, and chances are you won't hear them anywhere else.

The compilation covers the undergound post-punk scene in Australia between 1979 and 1982.

Traffic Sound

title:: Yellow Sea Years
label:: Vampisoul

Yellow Sea Years collects music from the 4 albums Traffic Sound recorded between 1968 and 1971.

Traffic Sound sang mostly in English, and mined a hard rock sound with a Beatlesque quality to them that may well have influenced groups like Guided By Voices (if GBV were ever given the chance to hear them).


title:: Cabin in the Sky
label:: Crammed Discs

Tuxedomoon is back with a modernized and aged sound that is both a nostalgic listen and very present in experimental traditions of today.

Some may see the collaborations on this disc as a drawback, but the collaborators are kindred-spirit guides that have aided Tuxedomoon in freshening up their sound.

The Village Callers

title:: Live
label:: Vampisoul

The Village Callers Live album is a superfine live document recorded at a popular Eastside LA night club called the Plush Bunny circa 1968, from an obscure latin influenced band that was a favorite on the Eastside L.A. scene in the late 1960s.

Vampi Soul treats this live platter with respect, by including the entire album plus two non-lp bonus tracks that bookend the live album.