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No Fun




Vitalic CD5 coverVitalic is French artist Pascal Arbez-Nicholas.

The second single from his OK Cowboy full length has two versions of the album track No Fun , a new version of the album track Repair Machine, and one new track.

Vitalic first burst onto the then ascending electroclash scene with the Poney EP in 2001. This 12inch on the International DeeJay Gigolo Records label was discovered quickly by DJs and people used to staying on top of things, but its real effect was felt long after it came out, when new fans could no longer buy the record. OK Cowboy was dropped on us after a long period with no new material from him, and it was as good as fans hoped it would be.

No Fun has treated female vocals that may remind you of stuff on the Benny Benassi Hypnotica record.

No guitars
no straps
no leather
no fun

No Fun is a good companion track to Chicks On Speed's We Don't Play Guitars, though it is much darker.

Repair Machine has a eurodisco sound with four on the floor beat and percolating synth. The treated high-pitched male vocals combined with the eurodisco sound may remind you on early 80s Sylvester tracks when Patrick Cowley did the music. Juliet India has treated wordless vocals. Once again the sound has a eurodisco pulse, but the song has quiet parts and a lite feel.

The rework of No Fun accents the disco styled percussion and handclaps of the original, and adds an extended instrumental intro and break.

Even if you own the OK Cowboy full length, the No Fun EP is a worthwhile purchase. It may even be that Vitalic is remembered as an artist whose EPs defined his career.

---Carl, September 20, 2005