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Poney EP


International DeeJay Gigolo Records


Vitalic reviewed in the gullbuyThe 69th catalog release of DJ Hell's infamous label is this 4 song 12inch EP by the Munich DJ named Vitalic.

The A-side has Poney part 1 and Poney part 2. The music on these 2 cuts is sort of like Fischerspooner - part 1 is mostly instrumental Giorgio Moroder styled pulsing synth 4/4 beat electro, while part 2 sharpens down the pulse even more (like an evil version of the Sparks song No. 1 Song In Heaven) and adds more of the doctored vocal.

On the flip are the 2 songs I like best. La Rock 01 in an instrumental that rules this platter (to my ears). The steadiness of the tracks on the A-side is replaced by a warped synth that modulates in tone adding a warped feel to the cut. It is a disorientation that fits the track like a glove. Combined with the strong 4/4 beat I could confidently predict that La Rock 01 would be a dancefloor monster.

You Prefer Cocaine runs like Blondie Heart Of Glass hung from a highwire. He extols " 'fer cocaine - dance like a machine". This track has the most vocals (well, they are spoken more than sung) and the most inner variation of the tracks. But that warped synth of La Rock 01 still steals the show for me...

---Carl, November 20, 2001