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August 9, 2005

The Best of Easy Tune

various artists
label:: Art Union Records

The Best of Easy Tune culls tracks from the Drive In Presents EPs that came out on Drive In Records in Holland.

Art Union is a Japanese label. The original EPs have been impossible to find for years. Even this CD is hard to find.

Peter Dayton

various artists
label:: Smasheasy Records

One of the greatest enigmas in the Boston rock history is Peter Dayton- frontman, singer, songwriter and guitarist for La Peste.

With at least a decade long gap in hearing these brilliant tracks I can separate my inner hype with the reality. I am so happy to have this music back for consumption. The inner hype was right. The CD is well mastered and clean sounding, allowing the tracks to sound fresh and updated.

Estrus Kamikaze Ass Chomp N' Stomp CD Sampler, Vol. 4

various artists
label:: Estrus Records

Estrus Kamikaze Ass Chomp N' Stomp CD Sampler Vol. 4 is a budget priced sampler with 19 tracks covering several genres of underground rock.

None of the tracks are exclusive, but I'll bet you only know one or two of these at most anyway.

Roisin Murphy

title:: Ruby Blue
label:: Echo

Ruby Blue is the first solo album by Roisin Murphy, the singer of the duo Moloko. For this album she has collaborated with Matthew Herbert.

Though there are individual tracks that are really enjoyable to listen to, the album is difficult to play all the way though unless you are following the lyrics and really involving yourself in the tunes.

Popul Vuh

title:: Nosferatu Original Soundtrack
label:: SPV

By the time Popol Vuh tackled the soundtrack to the Werner Herzog film Nosferatu: The Vampyre in 1978, they had completed the transition of their sound from Krautrock jammers to mystical soundscape pioneers.

For most people who check out Popol Vuh, Nosferatu surely must rank as one of their favorites if not their favorite album.


title:: Pleasure & Romance
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

XLover combines the techno pop of New Order and Benny Benassi with the raunchier lyric and vocal style of Prince and Peaches.

That's rather fitting actually because Bryan Black worked with Prince, and if you see a picture of lead vocalist Nina Rai, she looks like she would've been one of Prince's proteges.