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Kevin Blechdom


Eat My Heart Out


Chicks On Speed Records


Kevin Blechdom CD coverEat My Heart Out is a record as adventurous as its cover art. It is not 'easy' listening in any sense of the word, but the many good songs on it are frequently a step beyond good - to quote Tony the Tiger: they are grrreat!

The two best songs are the only ones you could never play on a radio show. Love You from the Heart is fantastic. A love song describing a heart to heart conversation between the couple as they obliterate themselves with nitrous oxide. I'm not just talking about the lyrics. Keven Blechdom acts out her songs, and this one plays over-the-top.

Are You F*cking With Me uses phrasing to extrack two meanings from the words. "Are you f*cking with me, or Are you [f*cking] with me?" Are you playing with me, or are we a team? Kevin's songs about relationships are more real life then you are used to hearing. The music starts off as Olde Tyme, then changes to spazzed casio-pop.

The only part of the package that you may have a hard time with is her voice. In the tradition of the best rock vocalists, her voice is odd, and far from technically perfect. But I doubt she would like that last statement. Kevin Blechdom is a product of the DIY aesthetic, and I imagine she would shun any rock idolatry. She started out as haf of the duo Blectum from Blechdom.

Kristen Erickson and Bevin Kelley met at Mills College in San Francisco. Kristen had already been a veteran rock n roller as the keyboard player in the Texas band Adult Rodeo. Kristen and Bevin took new names (Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum) and formed the art/glitch band Blectum from Blechdom, who released several records on Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 label.

Along the way Kevin Blechdom became a solo artist. Eat My Heart Out is her second full length for Chicks On Speed Records, following up 2003's collection of singles, Bitches Without Britches.

The album starts off with a keyboard sounding like the intro to The Who Teenage Wasteland. Coming gets hyper-paced real quick, becoming more like Queen than The Who.

What You Wanna Believe could be brethen with some of the tracks on the first Go Kart Mozart album Instant Wigwam.

This album is odd, quirky, and good. Definitely check it out.

---Carl, August 2, 2005