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Star Trek




Vulcans CD coverCaution Star Trek fans - this CD has NOTHING to do with Gene Roddenberry's world. It only used keywords from his series to gain attention when it was originally released in the 70s.

The Vulcans is not a band - it is the name given to Ken Elloitt by the Shrowder-Bryan-Sinclair Trojan production team, searching for a hit by capitalizing on the easy listening craze happening in the UK in the early 70s.

Ken Elloitt was a member of the psyche band Second Hand, who recorded three albums in the late 60s/early 70s.

This CD collects the original Star Trek album by The Vulcans, the B-side of the Star Trek single, and the Interstallar Reggae Drive album by Colonel Elliott and The Lunatics.

Joe Sinclair, Webster Shrowder and Des Bryan wanted to give their label a piece of the action. They saw the sucess of such early synthesizer albums as Walter Carlos' Switched On Bach and Jean-Jacques Perry / Gershon Kingsley albums Spotlight on the Moog and Kaleidoscopic Vibrations.

Most of the songs are instrumentals. All of the tracks on the Star Trek album were designed to function as singles. The stand out track is the vocal track Dracula, which is a novelty song for sure, but a fun one.

Interstallar Reggae Drive starts off strong with Into the Beginning. Even though it is an original, you can hear how it was influenced by the 2001 theme Also Sprach Zarathustra.

The Joe Meek cover Telstar has music that sounds like Blondie listened to it before they wrote the melody for their 1979 Dreamin' single.

Cosmic Bust my be my favorite track on the disc, with music that sounds like the theme to a 70s Cop sho put through a reggae grinder.

Plutonium Pogo Stick sure sounds like Ken elliott had been taking notes on the work on Perry and Kingsley, but it is a pretty good track - very upbeat.

Though credited to White/Cousin, Guns of the Martian Giants sounds so much like Guns Of Navarone ( written by Dmitri Tiomkin / Paul Webster) that The Specials could have covered this version and you would never have known the difference.

The CD closes with Earth, a very enjoyable track that makes you want to hear parts of the CD again.

Though my no means a crucial CD to buy, The Vulcans Star Trek does have enough fun tracks that you may want to investigate it further or possibly even buy it.

Faves: 8,14,16,18,20,22

---Carl, July 26, 2005