gullbuy music review

July 26, 2005


title:: Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

The second by Crossover has an amazing album title and deserves credit for being a good album by an electroclash band that have not totally abandoned the sound that first brought them notice.

The NYC duo of Mark Ingram and Vanessa Tosti have fashion model looks and a mysterious air, kind of like Royal Trux in the 90s.


title:: No Business
label:: Seeland

Although this is not a listenable CD, in a musical sense, it is a artistic creation spits in the eye of a record industry hell bent on stopping stealing.

The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zepplin, Disney have all stolen from the past and created something new while not paying the original artists a dime. The music industry only disapproves of stealing when it is their profit hurt. Steal from others to make the corporation rich, that is progress. Steal from the corporation to take back control of art and information, that is illegal.

Popol Vuh

title:: Hosianna Mantra
label:: SPV Records

Popol Vuh's 3rd album has appeared in previous editions, but nothing approaching the wonderful sound that SPV got out of this 2004 reissue.

None of the earlier editions of Hosianna Mantra included the bonus track Maria (Ave Maria).


title:: Star Trek
label:: Trojan

The Vulcans is not a band - it is the name given to Ken Elloitt by the Shrowder-Bryan-Sinclair Trojan production team, searching for a hit by capitalizing on the easy listening craze happening in the UK in the early 70s.

This CD collects the original Star Trek album by The Vulcans, the B-side of the Star Trek single, and the Interstallar Reggae Drive album by Colonel Elliott and The Lunatics.