gullbuy music review

February 22, 2005


title:: Speak to Me
label:: Playhouse

CDOASS are a 5 piece band from Sweden that sound and dress a little like Franz Ferdinand.

Speak To Me is a two song single. Speak To Me has e high pitched keyboard sound that reminds me a lot of the 80s band Punishment of Luxury, while Clockwork has a Contortions feel.

Mylene Farmer

title::Mylene Farmer remixes
label:: Polydor France

Mylène Farmer is a French Canadian transplant who has been working her magic in France for years since the 1980s, but hasn't had an album out since 1999's Innamoramento.

The Mylène Farmer Remixes disc is a stop gap wholly intended to gain a new modern audience for some of her classic tunes by updating them with the modern sounds, mush like her Dance Remixes compilation did back in 1992.

Sam Gopal

title:: Escalator
label:: Breathless

Sam Gopal plays acid rock for stoners favoring the dark side. Sam Gopal fronts the band and plays tabla.

Lemmy's voice is the loudest thing in the mix, and his fuzzed-out guitar is all over the disc. He also wrote most of the songs. This record originally came out in 1969 on Stable Records, an obscure label formed by Simon Stable.

Lesley Gore

title:: My Town, My Guy and Me / …Sings All About Love
label:: Westside Records

In this day and age of Greatest Hits and Best Ofs, it's great to see this two album two-fer released in 2000 on the West Side label out of the UK which includes the Lesley Gore albums My Town, My Guy & Me (her 6th album released in 1965) and Lesley Gore Sings All About Love (her 7th album released in 1966).

It's a fine compliment to the other two-fer also released in 2000 on the Edsel label which includes her first two albums I'll Cry If I Want To and Lesley Gore Sings of Mixed-Up Hearts (both released in 1963).

Sylvie Marks & Hall 9000

title:: Krazzee
label:: Bpitch Control

Krazzee is the debut full length by a duo I have admired for quite some time. Unfortunately, like the second Smash TV CD (which I had also looked forward to), Krazzee doesn't have the touch af magic dust I had hoped it would have.

Some songs sound like trip-hop, some sound like Acid House, and some like 80's Blue Monday influenced New Wave instrumentals. All have the trademark early 80s Hi-NRG / European disco synth sound.