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Mylène Farmer


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Mylene Farmer remixes CD coverMylène Farmer is a French Canadian transplant who has been working her magic in France for years since the 1980s with the help of Laurent Boutonnat, but she hasn't had an album out since 1999's Innamoramento. I guess she's been mainly busy on the production end these days for the likes of lolita pop singers like Alizée (another French phenomenon).

These kind of singing stars become famous in US clubs and throughout Europe, but rarely make it to tv or radio in the US even though they tend to be much better than any homegrown stars. The Mylène Farmer Remixes disc is a stop gap for Mylène Farmer and was wholly intended to gain a new modern audience for some of her classic tunes by updating them with the modern sounds, mush like her Dance Remixes compilation did back in 1992. Similar to what Benny Benassi was able to do with J'ai Pas 20 Ans by Alizée, Mylène Farmer gets some great remixes by JCA, One-T, Michael Gray & John Pearn, Devil Head, Junkie XL, Felix Da Housecat, Paul Oakenfold, Romain Tranchart & Rawman, Junior Jack, and Thunderpuss.

The J.C.A. remix of Sans Sontrefaçon starts the compilation with a warm synth sound and ethereal vocals which work even when you don't know French.

Michael Gray & John Pearn's remix working of Âme-Stram-Gram [the Full Intention Sultra Mix] is a dreamy blend of pounding rhythms and mesmerizing synths with Mylène's sensual vocals.

Felix Da Housecat adds his brand of squelched rhythm and brings Mylène's vocals out to the forefront which makes Je T'Aime Mélancolie sound a lot like the band Curve sung in French.

Y-Front's remix of Libertine (Mylène's first 1986 hit) is able to combine the fun of the 80's rhythm and melody with some vocodered vocals.

The compilation ends with the Thunderpuss Club Anthem mix of Désesnchantée, which is a killer 10 minute workout and a fitting end to a satisfying ride.

The only remix which sounds out of place is the Paul Oakenfold remix of Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces which leaves in some of the dated sounds that Mylène Farmer is hoping to leave behind to gain new listeners and please the old.

---Patrick, February 22, 2005