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Pale Man Made


Nightclub Fight Song




Pale Man Made CD coverPale Man Made is a band from Newcastle that take the sound of Glasgow's fertile 1996 period when Chemikal Underground Records first started, gives it a touch of the most famous label from their own hometown (Slampt), and packages it up for modern ears.

Running their own label (Pinch Records, the four members of Pale Man Made have a bright future, if they have more songs like the two on this CD, printed in an amazingly limited run of 100 copies.

In 2000 Christianne Ormston was a member of Shook Yang. She had written me when I first made the connection between her voice in that band and on the debut Pale Man Made EP Inchberry Sweet Rocket later that year. Since then, I have followed their growth and lineup changes, waiting for the time that they reached a wider audience. I think 2006 is that year. Both songs on this single are top notch, and this band is ready for travel.

Leon White (guitar/vocal), Claire (drums), and new member Karen (bass) join Christianne (guitar/vocal) in creating a sound that is both historic and modern.

I can't wait to hear their debut full length. Some label will snatch them up, but only IF that label has a true heart - Pale Man Made have shown that they believe in music not money, and I am sure they won't swallow the hype of a fast talking label rep.

---Carl, December 6, 2005