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Free Design


There Is A Song


Light in the Attic


Free Design CD coverFree Design left the Project 3 label where they had recorded their past 6 albums, and recorded their 7th and final album (before their reunion album, Cosmic Peekaboo from 2001 on the Marina label) for the little known Ambrotype label in 1972. They returned to form on this release, after the departure that was One By One, returning to the simplicity shown on the Free Design Sing for Very Important People album, along with the sweet songs from their earlier albums. For this release they also delved into a hippie spirituality, where singing songs of love and oneness were the path to a higher state of being.

Canada in Springtime, The Symbols Ring, Pineapple Crabapple, I Wanna Be There, Stay, Love Does Not Die, Chorale, and Peter, Paul And Mary have all appeared sprinkled on the compilations Umbrellas, Raindrops, and The Best of Free Design. This is the cream of the crop from this album. If you have any of these compilations, then you know these songs. The best of these include the delightful Canada in Springtime, and the child-like Pineapple Crabapple.

The Symbols Ring, I Wanna Be There, and Peter, Paul And Mary are the next best, but all delve into the light religious themes which could make some cringe. There was a lot of this hippiefied religion going around in the early 70s, like on Sue Raney's People Tree album, also from 1972 on Light Records. Luckily, Free Design never get overly religious like Sue Raney and others did, but you might feel like you are being invited to join a cult - and you will want to join, after hearing Free Design's amazing harmonies.

This is a great Free Design album - and it's a shame it was their last because they returned to form even with the religious overtones throughout. This album is well worth checking out.

---Patrick, November 22, 2005